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Apr 20, 2017

Where did I go? :) 

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MY Eternel
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New location in South Minneapolis. Accepting new students, see news for details. 

My basic philosophy with voice is that we are all born with one that is uniquely yours, and therefore uniquely beautiful. We are born with a song in our hearts and some of us just need a little help discovering how to make our voices sing the songs that we hear inside. I look at my role as voice teacher as that of a guide to finding what is inside of you. Singing should always be as comfortable and relaxing as meditation.

Technique, Emotional Connection and Meditation are the foundations of my teaching style.

Nothing in the world gives me greater joy than seeing a voice student discover something they didn’t know to exist within. The voice is a deeply personal instrument... sometimes it can frighten us to display it, but ultimately, the goal is that you discover the beauty and wonder within.

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Melissa Ferlaak Voice Teacher Minnesota