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Apr 20, 2017

Where did I go? :) 

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My Background

Original Music as a Passion....

I perform consistently in both the classical world as well as the rock and metal worlds with music groups locally and over-seas. Some of these groups have included Aesma Daeva (Minneapolis based opera metal band) and Visions of Atlantis (Austrian-based symphonic rock band). I’ve toured North America, Europe and China with these bands as well as wrote my own songs with them. I have done guest vocal work for musical groups in France, Germany, Argentina, US, Norway, Belgium, Czech Republic and this list grows every day. I currently sing, write and perform with three music projects:

  • Demandolx: A new opera composed by VoA VoXyD, libretto and vocal parts by Melissa Ferlaak
  • MY Eternel: An ethereal neoclassical music project
  • Plague of Stars: A doom metal project

I’ve written and recorded ten full albums, performed on two DVDs, and sung as a guest on eleven additional albums. Additionally, I am a founding member of Eve's Apple, a collective of female singers fronting rock/metal bands designed to empower women in the music industry.

Classically Speaking...

I hold a Master’s degree from New England Conservatory in Boston in Vocal Performance and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in Music with an emphasis on classical and operatic technique.

I have performed with organizations such as Theatre Latte Da, Thursday Musical, the Schubert Club, Twin Cities Opera Scenes, New England Conservatory, Order of the Artists, and Coro!

The Industry...

Because of this varied background, I also have much experience in the music business world of recording studios, record labels, auditioning, singing for live versus recorded music, self-financed projects and touring to offer my students.

I teach voice both in person to local people but also through Skype to students across the globe. I also currently work for Children's Theatre Company.


Melissa Ferlaak Helen Hodam1.jpg

With New England Conservatory voice teacher Helen Hodam

Melissa Ferlaak My Eternel.jpg

MY Eternel album cover

Melissa Ferlaak Classical.jpg

Classical headshot

melissa ferlaak showcase.jpg

SpotLight program showcase

melissa ferlaak22.JPG

Melissa Ferlaak demandolx564413966_o.jpg

Demandolx Opera libretto cover

melissa ferlaak showcase1.jpg

SpotLight Showcase at the Orpheum

Melissa Ferlaak Family00513_n.jpg

With family

Melissa Ferlaak Visions of Atlantis cover.jpg

Visions of Atlantis Trinity album

Melissa Ferlaak dramatic.jpg

Trinity photo shoot

melissa ferlaakshowcase.jpg

SpotLight program at the Orpheum Theatre

Melissa Ferlaak ad.jpg

Aesma Daeva album

melissa ferlaak.jpg

MY Eternel photo shoot

melissa ferlaak echoterra.jpg

Echoterra album

melissa ferlaak myt.jpg

MY Eternel photoshoot

melissa ferlaak albumn.jpg

Aesma Daeva Eros of Frigid Beauty album

melissa ferlaak clas.jpg

Classical headshot

melissa ferlaak adalbum.jpg

Aesma Daeva Album

melissa ferlaak3.JPG


Aesma Daeva Album

melissa ferlaak 1.jpg

Singing with Echoterra

Melissa Ferlaak adyta.jpg

Adyta Album

melissa ferlaak81.JPG

melissa ferlaak helen hodam.jpg

With Helen Hodam

melissa ferlaak ad.jpg

Aesma Daeva album

melissa ferlaak my eternel.jpg

My Eternel Album

melissa ferlaak888.jpg

melissa ferlaak trinity.jpg

Visions of Atlantis album

melissa ferlaak1.JPG

melissa ferlaak family.jpg

With Family

melissa ferlaak2.JPG

melissa ferlaak adeva.jpg

Aesma Daeva album

melissa ferlaak stephen sondheim.jpg

Meeting Stephen Sondheim

melissa ferlaak headshot.JPG

melissa ferlaak.jpg

Trinity photo shoot

melissa ferlaak adyta.jpg

Adyta album

melissa ferlaak headhsot.JPG

melissa ferlaak echoterra.jpg

Echoterra album

melissa ferlaak77.JPG

  • With New England Conservatory voice teacher Helen Hodam
  • MY Eternel album cover
  • Classical headshot
  • SpotLight program showcase
  • Demandolx Opera libretto cover
  • SpotLight Showcase at the Orpheum
  • With family
  • Visions of Atlantis Trinity album
  • Trinity photo shoot
  • SpotLight program at the Orpheum Theatre
  • Aesma Daeva album
  • MY Eternel photo shoot
  • Echoterra album
  • MY Eternel photoshoot
  • Aesma Daeva Eros of Frigid Beauty album
  • Classical headshot
  • Aesma Daeva Album
  • Aesma Daeva Album
  • Singing with Echoterra
  • Adyta Album
  • With Helen Hodam
  • Aesma Daeva album
  • My Eternel Album
  • Visions of Atlantis album
  • With Family
  • Aesma Daeva album
  • Meeting Stephen Sondheim
  • Trinity photo shoot
  • Adyta album
  • Echoterra album
Melissa Ferlaak Voice Teacher Minnesota