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Apr 20, 2017

Where did I go? :) 

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Teaching Style

My teaching is based in solid classical technique, emotional connection and meditation. It is important to understand the connection of these three points to bring forth your true voice. Anyone can learn technique, however emotional connection brings forward the subtleties that takes one from a singer to an artist. Meditation is important because singing at its core, should feel relaxing and should bring you great personal joy, no matter what kind of repertoire you work on.

All other styles of voice: pop, musical theatre, growling, for example, stem from these three principles. When we work together, we will first learn the basics, the physiology, emotional connection and music theory. From there, we will work on vocalises and appropriate repertoire. If you are more advanced, we will work on style, emotional connection, versatility, expansion of vocal capacities, range and repertoire you are preparing for auditions or performances. Some of you may come with your own original songs as well and we can certainly work together to polish those too.

All students will receive recorded accompaniments of the songs I prescribe that can be taken home to continue to work on the songs. I prefer to use these recordings during the lesson as well so that I can focus on the student rather than hitting the right notes on the piano, which is where the focus actually should be.

Melissa Ferlaak Voice Teacher Minnesota