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Apr 20, 2017

Where did I go? :) 

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Words from Other Students of the Studio

"Currently, I am a friend and professional singer working with Melissa. I came to her because I am opera-trained and always found it both a personal challenge and goal to perfect my high tessitura. Melissa has been amazing. It has been so easy and fun to work with her. Not only have I reached notes that I have never reached, but I have gained a sense of awareness of my singing voice and body beyond my former comfortable range. Can’t wait to see what happens!!! I recommend you go see her NOW!"
- Grace Meridan

"To talk about Melissa Ferlaak is to talk not only of an amazing singer and an excellent vocal coach, but also of an incredible person and a very important friend to me. The nicest thing of having classes with Mel is that you won’t learn only technique…technique is a basic thing, anyone can learn that, but you will also learn to express your emotions, focus your energy and the flow of your body into the singing process and that you won’t learn anywhere. Yes, singing is a whole process and the understanding of that is what makes the difference. Not so long ago I was afraid of high notes. Well, that was fruit of years of limiting work, but without boundaries and a great, inspiring vocal coach, I’m training La Boheme and having so much fun with all the new things I discover with my voice every day. Every time we have classes or even more, every time I sing at all I feel confident, I feel that I can do this because Mel believes in me and pushes me forward! There is nothing you can’t do with your voice and I’m sure Melissa will show this to you the same way she showed this to me."
- Drake Harket Chrisdensen (Brazil)

"I started voice lessons with Melissa in 2007. I came to her because I knew she was a master rock, classical singer, and voice teacher whom I knew had a solid reputation in the music world. Since starting my lessons with her, I increased my breath support, my vocal range, my diction, had better pitch, and gained a lot more confidence in my singing than I had before. We set goals to work towards, all of which were reached. I cannot express how grateful I am that I met her. I found out so many new things about my voice that I do not know I could of done without her. She helped me with vocal competitions and placement back into Music School. Melissa isn't just a great teacher and singer, she is a beautiful person inside and out who really cares about you as a singer. I have many before and after mp3s and CDs of our work together and really can tell a big difference in my voice from before our lessons, to now. I found my voice, by training with Melissa"

- Aziza A. Poggi (Michigan)

Melissa Ferlaak Voice Teacher Minnesota